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Networking Services (WAN/LAN)

Horizon IT Systems -

The design of your network or network expansion is extremely important to ensure that network performance is not affected as more devices are added. As your network performs more functions, subsequently network traffic and load levels will increase, which can result in network bottlenecks, bandwidth saturation and overall performance degradation.


As networks grow over a period of time, simply installing network points “ad-hoc” without fully understanding the requirements for your network growth can be a serious error. A full assessment of switch infrastructures, server and PC requirements, application loading and future proof expansion must be undertaken, to provide an optimally efficient baseline infrastructure, on which to run a client-server solution.


From the initial design through to the supply and implementation of your network infrastructure, Horizon IT Systems can provide answers and solutions that will fit your individual specifications.


Our team of consultants and installation engineers are capable of installing all categories of copper Category 5e and Category 6 specifications within structured cabling environments, and additionally provide structured fibre optic solutions for quality distance and external usage implementations. All materials are of the highest quality, from cabinets to patch panels, cabling to termination modules, utilising Excel products for a guaranteed sustainable infrastructure.


Wide Area Networking services can be provided to connect multiple client site Local Area Networks, to create one whole network. Due to the increased availability of higher broadband speeds via ADSL / SDSL solutions, VPN connectivity (Virtual Private Network) between sites provides secure and reliable connectivity over the internet.. at minimal cost. See our “Internet and Email Services” section for more details.


For a cost effective cabling solution, with free site survey and recommendations, please email or call 07703838591 / 08452990884