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Horizon Managed Services

Horizon IT Systems -

A Horizon Managed Service Day Contract offers you a number of consultancy days on your site to help manage your network effectively and efficiently. Horizon IT Systems will act as a support team to compliment your workforce at either at times of high activity, or generally to assist staff with technical issues and requirements.


You should bear in mind that a network infrastructure is not a static product, it is organic. With numerous operating and application updates required on a daily basis, not only to improve reliability of PC's and servers, but to reduce security issues from viruses, mal-ware and other infections, these must be assessed and confirmed to be operational. Additionally, user issues can appear at any time, if left unresolved, these can deteriorate into severe problems, reducing the user's operational efficiencies.


As one of our Managed Service Day clients told us : "We don't know how we managed without it!"


Your Managed Service Day Contract offers you the following:

  • Unlimited telephone support.
  • Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly or Quarterly consultancy day visits, dependant upon type of organisation and their requirements
  • Visits to remote offices and client premises to setup remote access and resolve issues
  • If we are unable to resolve the problem over the telephone, second line support is remote dial in.
  • If we are unable to resolve the issues by dialing in then a site visit will be arranged and one of your Managed Service Days used.
  • If days are not used, agreed site visits will be made in order that we can help manage your systems.

The Managed Service Day also provides the following services, amongst others:

  • User problems or configuration changes to PC's
  • Checks for Windows Security Updates
  • Checks for – Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Hi-jackers and Malware. (These can really impact on a system's performances)
  • Installation of new equipment, Servers, PC's, printers, scanners, PC's, Web Cams etc
  • Installation of any new cabling requirements.
  • Ensuring data backups are being carried out, and are successful
  • Addition and removal of new user accounts, with profile creation
  • Addition and removal of new e-mail user accounts and client security
  • Update Anti-Virus Software as necessary
  • Upgrading existing computers with hard disks, memory etc.
  • Installation of additional software
  • Liaising with staff members to resolve any specific issues
  • Provision of training to staff as required
  • Technical troubleshooting for hardware and software analysis and resolution

Please email for more pricing and technical information or call 07703838591 / 08452990884