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Network Analysis

Horizon IT Systems -

In today's networking environments the ability to measure the performance of your network infrastructure is essential in effectively managing IT resources. Network outages and downtime are now considered unacceptable forcing many organisations to take a more proactive approach to identify and solve potential problems.


Horizon IT is able to offer proactive solutions and using the latest network analysis tools, we are able to monitor network segments and provide accurate assessments of what is really happening 'on the wire'.


Using a mixture of techniques Horizon IT is able to baseline current network performance, trends and thus identify underlying problems. Any investigation undertaken will be designed to suit the particular problem and environment being analysed.

Network elements assessed include:

  • Network Top Talkers Highlights particular systems generating the most network traffic
  • Protocol distribution Provides analysis of protocol types generated across a LAN
  • Network Bandwidth Utilisation Bandwidth utilisation across managed switch fabrics
  • Network Errors Packet errors, jabbering, collision detection, crc errors

A range of innovative services is available to cover a variety of networking issues:

  • Troubleshooting a particular issue on the LAN by identifying the root cause followed by recommendations to resolve or reduce the problem.
  • Health-checking a network segment(s) to offer a unique view of network functionality. Any potential problems will be reported and recommendations made for a proactive resolution.
  • Base-lining and trend analysis to see who is doing what on the wire.

Baseline information can be vital when making future business decisions whilst also giving the opportunity to optimise the current network infrastructure. All results and recommendations will be analysed and documented in a detailed report which may include optional network mapping and network documentation.


Always remember, to achieve maximum performance through your server farms and PC's, your network infrastructure must be operating optimally. Contact Horizon IT to ensure that this is always the case.