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Remote Working Solutions

Horizon IT Systems -

With the popularity of the internet, and an opening up of the broadband business and home markets, a new range of remote working capabilities can be explored. Our clients utilise a multitude of techniques to provide access to their workplace resources, from simple email access to full application access with local printing capabilities.


Any resource that you can access from your PC at work, can be made available at a desk in your home, allowing you reductions in travelling, and empowering you to have information at your fingertips, at all times.


We can utilise standard dial-up, or (preferably) broadband connectivity to provide connectivity to your workplace. Temporary or dedicated VPN connections provide secure encrypted tunnels to devices in place at your office, be that either routers or firewalls, and these enable you to access the office network from your PC. Applications can then be utilised to provide an interface either to your PC or to a server system for resource access.


Our remote working solutions include:

Single PC Access

Utilising PC Anywhere as a host on your PC at work, and as a remote PC at home, you can access all applications as if you were in the office. We can configure your local printer at home to be able to print documents / emails or reports that are stored and generated on the office system. A cheap and reliable option.

Terminal Services Access

This technology is used when numerous users will require access to internal resources such as central databases, accounting, email & shared calendaring, Microsoft office documents, and intranet resources, amongst others. Ideal for remote sites to enable users access to HQ resources, it can additionally be utilised for home working, again providing local printing facilities.

Outlook Web Access

Provided as functionality of Microsoft Exchange 2003, this provides access to your ecommerce resources via any internet connection, wherever you are, and utilises certificate based Secure Socket Layer technology, to ensure security.

Microsoft Small Business Server Remote Web Access

Remote Web functionality utilises the internet once more, to enable remote desktop access, through the Small Business server, directly to your PC. Embedded security levels via the server ensures all internal data security integrity.


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