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Virus & Spyware Prevention/Removal

Anti-Virus Protection

Every business and organisation is aware of the threats caused by viruses, with a whole multitude of possible technical problems and possible system downtime that can be caused. The significant majority of viruses enter a site by either external transportation such as email, or by internal infection by users. Either way, it is imperative to provide protection at pre-determined levels, such as real-time scanning of documents and files at workstation and server file level, and additionally (and more importantly) a product which will scan incoming emails and quarantine infections once found. Horizon IT utilises varying anti-virus products, such as AVG, Sophos, and Mcafee to provide this critical protection.

Mal-Ware Protection

Spyware (sometimes called malware) is unwanted software which may be installed on your computer without your knowledge. It may perform actions such as redirecting your web browser's search page or adding 'helpful' toolbars which track your activities on the internet, or more insidious behaviour such as key-logging to steal confidential information. Not all spyware can be detected by antivirus software so there exists a different type of cleansing application to provide this protection.

Anti-Spam Protection

An anti-spam filter operates to effectively detect spam messages, analyzing headers, content and third party lists. Spam messages can be forwarded to a junk mail folder, quarantined or deleted and can include a header or tag. Quarantined mails can be viewed from a program or via the web on some products. Specific products include an advanced challenge/response system and allows users to update white lists and black lists via public folders and mailboxes. By blocking unwanted emails, this can result in a reduction of network traffic, saves bandwidth and improves employee productivity. Horizon IT utilises varying products dependent upon site configurations, please contact us for further information.


Below are details of some of the specialist services we offer in this area:

  • Clean & Removal Services, if your system is already infected.
  • Full scan detection if an infection is suspected
  • Removal of Spyware, Ad-Ware, browser hijackers and other scripted infections
  • Recommendations based on individual client, for best method of protection
  • Protection for individual PC, workgroup, or Domain level workstations, servers and mail servers
  • Automatic definition update configurations cross site.
  • Regular site assessments to analyse and prevent new infection types
  • Installation of reliable and comprehensive anti-spam products

Please email for more technical information or call 07703838591 / 08452990884

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